When A Person Dies; 
Legally called the 'Executor,' 
Has To Find The Assets, 
File any Outstanding Tax Returns, 
Pay The Debts, 
Distribute To The Beneficiaries, and often much, much, more.
Often, without so much as a Thank You!
This Step-By-Step Manual will 'walk you through the process.'
Be Proactive; Be Prepared and Get This Manual Now; Because,
It Can Save You Both Time and Money

Nothing Like It Was

Available, So Bill Did It.

"About time someone

did it."

Was one estate planning attorney's response.
Tom surprised Bill with this offering:  "You - or someone you're close to - is going to need this knowledge/wisdom. My frugal wife insisted on doing all this herself when her mother passed, spent hundreds, yes, hundreds, of hours of really miserable time, then ended up hiring an accountant and an attorney.

She had to learn everything that Bill has documented on her own.

Her parents' will and trust were completely screwed up, as well as the interment process/costs."

Then Tom followed up with this:  "I used to sell life insurance. Very few people have the courage or integrity to admit that they are not eternal. Even those with families.
But not one of us is eternal. Face it:
Man up. accept accountability and take care of the people who depend on you.
Only after you have done so, can you truly relax."

And, Bill Offers This:  "Treat this Subject like the Spare Tire in your Car:  You have one don't you?  Why?  To Be Prepared, just in case you have a flat tire?

So, get this manual and help your family or a friend Be Prepared and help reduce the Emotional Trauma and Financial Cost of Dying Unprepared.
Also an Essential Companion to the Will and Living Trust
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